Master Sanskritii Sethi is a world-renowned psychic. She has expertise in Akashic Records, talking to the spirits, Automatic Writing and studying the deep magic of numbers.

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About Sanskritii Sethi

Master Sanskritii Sethi is the Leading Automatic Writing, Mediumship & Akashic Record Coach in India. We have our presence in the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Europe and many other countries. She has introduced unique readings and healing to the world and has contributed to the collective consciousness by guiding souls to the path of spirituality.

What Do We Do ?

We at Soul Revolutiion with Sanskritii work with the lights of Masters & spirit guides. All programs available with us are for self-empowerment. We educate people to deal with their emotions, connect with their ancestors, read their Akashic Records and take guidance from Masters for their relationships, finance and health. We motivate and educate people to live a self-empowered life so that they don’t fail and come out of their bag of fears. We closely help people understand and overcome their pains in life. There are many ways to overcome your suffering. One can investigate their experience to look after what is true or false and live in their truth. The truth is accessible to everyone in their subconscious mind.

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We are helping you experience your spiritual light being in the human body. Let us experience a light bath.


You live in the mind.  You are the univers..

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“I am walking on a pathway that never ends. I s..

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You are spiritual beings having a human experie..

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Your blockages start resolving first from your..

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A Program that helps you to cut off the obstacles in the path of
feeling the eternal bliss!

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Talisman are super charged energy in the physical form available for all of you. Every talisman is available for different energy that is lacking in our life. Add a suitable talisman in your life and see the change.



My heart is full of gratitude when I read these messages. I am thankful to these souls for choosing me- Love, Sanskritii Sethi


It is not a coincidence that we met. We are here because we choose each other. Let's grow together. Every soul adds its vibration to the collective consciousness. We all are light beings.


Positive reading replaces our stuck beliefs and invokes beautiful thought process that helps us grow. Start reading today to understand, accept, release and enjoy our journeys.

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