Know About Sanskriti

I am Sanskriti Sethi, and I am an Akashic Record Coach and Healer. Starting my spiritual journey and the path towards a life coach and psychic was not easy. At an early age, I saw objects and different shapes and textures in the sky. I always felt energies around me, and it took so many years to understand how things are coming to me, and how universe is channeling through me. Like most of us, I was also unsure how the universe communicates with me, the real cause of my suffering. Then, I decided to stop complaining and start questioning. I had chosen to show courage and accepted the universe and believed that I am a valuable part of this universe and started finding the cause of my existence here. I gradually understand that I am a medium and channel that flows to the collective human consciousness by my conscious thought.

“Science and spirituality is two sides of the same coin”. We need the right perspective. Thus, I am here to help you retrieve emotionally – be it your relationship, finance, career, or any struggle in your life. I help you to understand which energy or part of your emotions and thoughts needs healing and how to manifest your future. I always believe in an experience-based journey and want a companion to revive yourself and shift your energies from a life you are living to your desirable life.

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Spiritually Connection to Life

Ways to come out of your personal suffering

There are many ways to come out of your personal suffering. One can investigate their experience to look after what is true or false and live in their truth. This is what continuously accessible to everyone.

Spirituality is something that creates space between what is happening and who you are. In a simple way, spirituality is all about looking within you to know that all you need is right there. No luxury things or any person can fill your half-empty glass. Any sessions or healer cannot eradicate your obstacles. In the end, it is about connecting to that limitless, abundant source of power, knowledge, and love within you, that will get you to recognize the drapery of Life.

And as one can work on their way through spirituality, they will realize that the complicated woven threads of your emotions, circumstances, love, determination, and relationships control by that one mighty hand called the Universe. Hold it and have untiring faith that as it merges through your past, present, and future, the drapery that will appear will be a Masterwork because one is deserving it. Because spirituality is a way of life for life.

Many people claim about connecting with spirituality by reading or understanding the concept. However, still, they are unable to carry out it. They go from class to class, book to book, and many healers, producing a turmoil of confusion. Finally, they assume that life and spirituality cannot co-exist, and both are different things. However, the real reason for their unhappiness is the expectation that the situations and people around them change continuously. It is problematic for people to take accountability for their life, their choices, and their actions. When they cannot take responsibility, they blame the situation or to the others.

Everyone is facing some pain as they feel helpless or do not control what is happening around them, and they feel guilt or victim. But it is not valid. Everyone has to understand every situation and person in life.

Spirituality makes you free from all the pain and dramas of life, and one can start taking responsibility for everything that is happening around them. Spirituality is about empowering someone to step out from the zone of being cast as a victim and make them make powerful choices that will be best for their life to make it the best experience to live moreover.

As in truth, there is a universal consciousness that means nothing is separate from anything else. Spiritually, you will help you get control over your thoughts and make you feel happy, relaxed, and confident. one can stop feeling any guilt or victim once connected to spirituality. spirituality can bring the following to your life:

  • Good health
  • Better psychological well being
  • Depression free or less depression
  • Low hypertension
  • Low stress or remove stress in difficult times
  • Handling pressure with ability.

 Spirituality guides you about more senses and suggests more in life than just living or experiencing at a physical level. Spirituality indicates that there are more great things to do and to connect with all beings to each other and the universe. It also suggests that there is continuing existence after death and struggles to answer questions about the sense of life, how people are attached, facts about the universe, and other human existence ambiguities.

Spirituality and dutiful action have been a basis of comfort and relief from stress for masses of people. While people use many diverse religions and routes to find God or to definite their spirituality, ​research has revealed that those who are more spiritual are the ones who can cope with all kinds of challenges in life experience and have many benefits to their health and well-being. One can just go through spirituality connection to life to better understand life and its forms.