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What are Akashic Records?

A space where you can increase your spiritual power

Akashic Records are the store book human database. It is the giant storehouse of the Universe where all the information is stored in different levels of the dimension. You can think that it has many floors, and each floor has information about the consecutive down base.

Your Akashic Record Readings Archive or Soul Book is like a living document comprising not just up-to-date material about the life you’re having, specifics about the experiences you’ve led in the past, and what you’re preparing for the future……

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Akashic Record Readings

Know About Sanskriti

I am Sanskriti Sethi, and I am an Akashic Record Readings Coach and Healer. Starting my spiritual journey and the path towards a life coach and psychic was not easy. At an early age, I saw objects and different shapes and textures in the sky. I always felt energies around me, and it took so many years to understand how things are coming to me, and how universe is channeling through me.

Like most of us, I was also unsure how the universe communicates with me, the real cause of my suffering. Then, I decided to stop complaining and start questioning. I had chosen to show courage and accepted the universe and believed that I am a valuable part of this universe and started finding the cause of my existence here…….

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Experiences of lifetime

A Program that helps you to cut off the obstacles in the path of feeling the eternal bliss

Akashic Record Readings sysmbol

Your life is reflection of the path you choose in life…

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The aim at the Stage 2 is to raise the energy levels …

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Life is all about exploring answers to your quest…..

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The Akashic Records keep a complete record of your emotions…

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