What is Akashic Records Reading?

When you feel lost and looking for your own self. Akashic Records Reading can help you with your journey and find your true self again where you will know what’s not working for you anymore and how you can improve your spiritual journey. An Akashic Records Reading allows you to obtain divine guidance from the awakened and enlightened Masters and Guides. Also, it helps overcome patterns that repeating in your life and not serving to your highest best anymore.

Akashic Records Reading is travel to your soul journey. Who you are and what makes you this? Tracking your Soul journey from your 1st birth till this birth.

With this blissful experience you acquire profound insights and understandings which can not be obtained at a conscious level. This consultation will generate an energetic shift in your soul system that will promote improvements that are in your best possible interests, as well as your life purpose and soul ascension.

If you have any issue with your health, relationship or money this is for you. It’s the way to know what happened in your past life and how it is affecting you know.

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Akashic Records Reading

Benefits of Akashic Records Reading

You will comprehend who you are at Soul level. You understand what exceptional abilities and endowments you are brought into the world with. You’ll become mindful that you are intended to communicate them in your actual lifetime. You’ll additionally discover why while you have been wanting to communicate them, you’ve been confronting sure squares. With another mindfulness and the purpose to communicate completely from here on out, you experience a positive move in energy awareness.

Akashic Records reading teaches you how to attain your maximum potential and help you recover deeply. So what is pulling you back? Move forward and ask the Akashic Records to shower its divine guidance on you. You’ll be inspired to live better life decisions with this soul experience, and you’ll discover and gifted with endless possibilities for soul growth.

Do you ever feel trapped or stuck in your personal or professional life? Do you ever feel like your tires of life are spinning but you’re not moving forward? Do you wish you could get soul-level guidance here about how to proceed when you’re at a crossroad or don’t know what to do?

Akashic Records Reading includes:

  • What is your Soul Color?
  • What is the Energy Centre of your Soul?
  • What is our Soul Group?
  • What is the History of your Soul?
  • What is your Soul Belief system?
  • What is your Soul DNA Traits?
  • What is your Soul’s Purpose?
  • What are your Financial Blockages if any?
  • What are your Health Blockages if any?
  • What are Negative energies?
  • We Scan your Aura.
  • How many Spirit guides do you have?
  • Spirit guides vibrations in your life.
  • Leakage in Aura, if any.
  • What is your Soul Gender?
  • What is the Health of chakra?
  • What is your Soul alignment to almighty?
  • Curse/Spell, if any.
  • Black Magic/ Pacts, if any.
  • Message from Soul if any.
  • What are the Issues of your Soul?
  • Twin Soul/Soulmates checking.
  • Answers to your questions
  • A detailed call for understanding