What is Psychic future reading?

Life is not working for most of us. We feel rejected, sad, angry, depressed- without knowing why. The power is drained out of us. If only I had the right relationship, the right partner, the right job, the amount of money I need in my life now, my life would be sorted. These have become the “goals” of our Life. A tick on each box is what will make us happy- or so we think. The more we chase them, the more we seem like we are running an endless race.

What can you expect from a Psychic Future Reading with Sanskriti?

  • Psychic Reading helps you get answers for your immediate future and immediate past.
  • The session is taken through the channelling of spirit guides through me, cards and different techniques.
  • It’s a beautiful experience to come out of haywire and get aligned with what is in your highest best.
  • This service is gratitude that we have towards the universe for its back to me.
  • Session is taken over Zoom. You can book a 30 Min/60 Min Session at your convenience.
Psychic future Readings