What is Psychic future reading?

Psychic reading is a particular effort to decipher knowledge through improved perceptive abilities; or natural changes of the average human senses of light, sound, touch, taste, and instinct. These natural extensions are believing as vision, clarity (feeling), real knowledge and hearing, and the next comments made during such an attempt. The word is generally associated with a paranormal, faith-based consulting.

What can you expect from a Psychic Reading with Sanskriti?

  • Psychic Reading helps you get answers for your immediate future and immediate past.
  • The session is taken through the channelling of spirit guides through me, cards and different techniques.
  • It’s a beautiful experience to come out of haywire and get aligned with what is in your highest best.
  • This service is gratitude that we have towards the universe for its back to me.
  • Session is taken over Zoom. You can book a 30 Min/60 Min Session at your convenience.
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