Wisdom of Akashic Records Advance Level

What if I tell you, you can change your life and get a clearer picture of what your life has for you. You can know about your past life and how it is affecting your current life and also know your Soul Journey. You can get answers to “why” questions in different areas of your life. You can learn what is influencing your past, present, and future life.

Akashic Records reading teaches you how to attain your maximum potential and helps you recover deeply. It helps you reveal three major issues Money, Relationship & Health. Akashic Records are important to know the purpose of life & discover your inner soul. It will clear past-life blocks that you may be facing

So what is pulling you back? Move forward and ask the Akashic Records to shower its divine guidance to you. You will be inspired to live a better life with this soul experience.

Wisdom of Akashic Record

What does the Wisdom of Akashic Records workshop advance level cover?

  • What is Soul Gender? How does it play role in our life?.
  • What is Soul DNA and how it plays role in our life?
  • Understand and learn different Soul Colours and how it affects different people?
  • What is Soul History? How different people have different histories and how it affects their nature in current life?
  • What is the Soul energy source and how it leads shows the behaviour of our soul?
  • What is Soul Family? Learn different Soul family/Soul group and how one can connect with their families.
  • What are different Soul Purposes? Learn about souls purpose in this life?
  • Different Types of Negative energies and how they affect our life?
  • What is the Soul Belief System? How the core belief affect one’s decisions and relationships in life?
  • Different techniques and methods to access Akashic Records.
  • Learn to read Akashic Records of other souls.
  • Learn techniques to heal yourself with Akashic Records.
  • Learn techniques to heal others with Akashic Records. Get revealed to different tools and techniques of healings.
  • Attunement Prayer Gift.
  • Learn to write the history of the soul.
  • Get a Certificate to be Akashic Record Reader and Healer.