Wisdom of Akashic Records Basic Level

Many of my students before enrolling for the Akashic Records Reading ask me… “What are Akashic Records?”

Akashic Records are the records of all of your past lives…even the present life…. the present moment is recorded… and even the future…

Every choice, every action, deed…emotion, or intention that you had in that life is recorded in your Akashic Records. These records have become available to humans only in the last few years.

Akashic Records not only teaches you how to retrieve information but also to heal the past life karma and clear the energy of the present life. Once the energy is cleared, you can bridge the gap between the Law of Attraction and Inspired Action. You can easily take steps in the alignment of your higher purposes to manifest love and abundance in life!

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What does the Wisdom of Akashic Records Basic Level workshop cover?

  • What are Akashic Records?
  • How Akashic Records can change your future?
  • Why you should read your Akashic Records?
  • Who all can read Akashic Records?
  • Why do people fail to get answers?
  • What Akashic Records can tell us?
  • 2 R (Rules and Rituals) to access Akashic Records
  • Understanding Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine?
  • Who is Inner Child?
  • Types of Inner Child.
  • Different Types of Inner Child.
  • Basic Terminology of Universe
  • Deep dive into Soul formation.
  • Soul Plan- the design of life
  • Understanding Birth Cycle of Soul.
  • Accessing Akashic Records through Akashic Record Meditation.
  • Move from Dark to light
  • Akashic Record Meditation.
  • Certification: Akashic Records Basic Level.